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“Shawn is a master of emotional painting - a playful fusion of joy and discipline that comes through in each stroke. In addition to accurate rendering of his subject matter, Shawn is able to infuse life, vitality and energy that shows in subtle brush work, bold color choices, and an innate understanding of the elements that make truly memorable paintings. I'm honored to add his work to my collection, and look forward to following Shawn's adventures in paint”

“We were so excited to get your art. It is so beautiful! Know that it will be loved in our house for many lifetimes to come! Thank you so much! ”

“I LOVE these paintings! Have emailed pics of them to friends! Thank you for making it possible for me to own such treasures! Never thought it would be within reach.”

“I recently discovered a hot young artist by the name of Shawn Escott, who I think is the next budding superstar plein air painter.”

“The two paintings I got yesterday are absolutely beautiful. Keep up the good work!”

“I consider myself the lucky one. I now own 2 (TWO) Shawn Escott paintings!”

“Love my little Escott paintings!! Truly amazing work!!! :)”

“I opened the box. Wow, its wonderful. I'm honored to have this stellar piece in my collection. Thank you!”

“I bought a lovely one of the Boynton Beach Inlet.”

“I can't thank you enough for the painting. It really is stunning and you are a talented man.”