"Intense, deep thought has gone into each one of my still lifes. They are very personal to me and reflect my view of life and my experiences."

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Oil on Board. 10.5x20.5 Inches.

My daughter had a plaster cast of her hand made in summer camp. I was intrigued by the textures of the material and began to think about Greek and Roman sculpture. How they made marble look like living flesh and blood. The leaves represent the seasons of life. The beet symbolizes new beginnings and rebirth, but it is cut off. It is trapped within the walls of society. What others think of us. The root is the life force that perpetuates growth. The orange reflected light is the burning desire to make art comparable to the masters of the past. The gold background represents good things to come.



Oil on Board. 12x18.75 Inches.

Artistry and creativity abound in this portrait. The pencils represent ideas and life experiences. Some are bright, others not so much. Some have sharp points, others are broken. We will all have good and bad times in our lives, but we are an amalgam of them all. They make us who we are. The trombone mouth piece represents us calling out. Making noise. The triangular shape of the composition is pointing up, signifying positivity. The bottle is our lives, waiting for us to take control of the handle and make something of them. Make something great!



Oil on Board. 8.5x20.5 Inches.

This painting revolves around the first oil painting brush I got when I was 10 years old, which I still use. It represents the life of an artist, my life. The brush is hovering precariously above the bottle which symbolizes being boxed in the cubicle of societal norms. The bottom container represents the bad things, the grim, the muck, the discontent. The red background is the evil in the world. The misty fog at the top is the uncertainty of life and the brush is emerging out of the bottle and into the unknown. However, there is a fear that the brush will may fall back into the bottle. The overall shape is that of a rocket ship taking off. An adventure. Living a life. Following a dream.



Oil on Board. 9x21 Inches.

This is a portrait of love, conflict and life.



Oil on Board. 9x17.5 Inches.

There’s a full moon tonight. A chill saturates the air as ghosts and goblins awaken from their slumber. The scent of dead leaves and apple cider permeate the landscape. Candy is the goal. Candy is treasure. Peppermint sticks, reminiscent of old barber shop poles are striped with blood. Gummy worms burrow through a corpse’s body devouring its flesh. Chocolate coated candies levitate above a candy jar in hopes of a fruitful night. Fog hangs on the lake as an erie silence rings in the ears. Beware the lake. Something lurks deep within the dark water.